Course Supervisor: Vatavalis Konstantinos

Laboratory Cooperators


Laboratory Supervisor: Kampouris Christos

Antoniou Giorgios

Georgiou Petros

Miridakis Nikolaos

Raptodimos Giorgios

Rekkas Theodoros


Laboratory Purpose


Laboratory is obligatory for the students of the 1st semester of the department of Electronic Computer Systems. The main purpose is to bring in touch the student with the mechanical design. Basic concepts of electronic design and flow charts are taught. For this reason modern design programs and designing rules based on internationally recognized standards are also taught, providing engineers of computer systems with the essential supplies for their future.



The requirements in order the student to have the possibility to successfully complete the laboratory are:

  • Following up to the 80% of the laboratory courses.

  • Delivering the weekly projects on time.

  • Participation in the laboratorial examination.

  • The student at the end of the semester will have to assemble grade 5 and higher both in the two parts (projects, examination).