Course Supervisor: Vatavalis Konstantinos

Laboratory Cooperators


Laboratory Supervisor: Tatsi Kostantina

Antoniou Giorgos
Virrou Christina
Gerardis Ioannis
Koutsovasilis Anastasios
Staurou Entlira
Strotos Ilias


Laboratory Purpose


Introduction to the concept and logic around the planning of electronic circuits. Description and presentation of the steps to be made for the materialization of the final project by the first stage of the schematic design, in the stage of provision and connection by the printed circuit, up to the completion of manufacture with the suitable equipment.

Designing rules and techniques for electronic and printed circuits. Symbolisms for printed circuits and elements. Teaching of the design program for the creation of schematic, parataxis and the way the printed circuits are connecting. Creation of electronic manufacture. Emulation techniques for analogical and digital circuits by PC and design programs support.

Indicative Bibliography:

Brochure for Design program Orcad 9.2 & Orcad 10.